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Colin F Watson
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 6 reviews
by Nery E. on Colin F Watson
traight to the point...

Straight to the point. Knows what he's doing. Pretty down to earth and helpful. Thank you for your help! Can't wait to see results even in my special occasion!

by Linda T on Colin F Watson
Happy to try again

I found Colin to be very knowledgeable and a no-nonsense type guy. Something I think we all need when trying to lose weight alone. Sometimes we fall prey to our own excuses for not staying on a healthy eating plan and need someone like to Colin to help us get real. I look forward to restarting my HCG diet and feel confident that having Colin by my side will assure me success. Thank you 🙂

by Natalie B on Colin F Watson

I spoke with Colin yesterday and he is really the person you hear in the podcasts and other videos. He did not allow me to make excuses for where I am with my weight (we all have some). He provided some great information on how to get started and made sure to remind me that I would be held accountable for the commitment I am making, just as he is committing and holding himself accountable to help me reach my goal. He is very straight forward and you can hear the passion and compassion in his voice when you talk to him. Thank you Colin!

by Lynette G. on Colin F Watson

I have a better understanding of what I should be eating and when I should be eating to reach my goal.

by Lisa A on Colin F Watson
Knowledge and Expertise

I feel secure ordering from Mr. Watson, he is passionate about really helping people. I think he truly discovered his calling in life. He actually was not sure H.C.G. was the best protocol for me as I want to shed last 10 lbs or so. I think he gets excited about helping people achieve optimum health. You will not find a more caring and honest person I will say that. I was so impressed. He has dedicated a lot of time and research mastering this. If you are going for this diet I believe he is the guru of H.C.G.

by Tyra Johnson on Colin F Watson
Upon recieving the product I became extreemly nervouse.

Upon recieving the product I became extreemly nervouse. after speaking with Mr. Colin ans as he walked me through the procedures of mixing the product I felt a lot better. I started the HCG/B12 on December 10, because I didnt want to wait until after Christmas. I needed to get busy right away. From loading phase to today 7 days ago. I have lost 10lbs. Excited about the rest of my journey with Mr. Colins and Jane. Thank you kindly Tyra Johnson

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