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Product Description

Product Description

30 DAY FAT MELTING STACK!! Lose 10lbs in 30 Days GUARANTEED!!

waiste trainerL._UX425_  Waist trainer Retail $24.99
  to tighten the abdomen area and will draw in the waist by 2″ if worn 3-4 hours a day and no diet and exercise.

MEDIUM SIZE: At 9″ Wide x 44″ Long, This belt is the most popular size, and will fit stomachs up to 48” in circumference.

SMALL SIZE: At 9″ Wide x 34″ Long, This belt is perfect for smaller waists while still providing extra coverage, and will fit stomachs up to 38″ in circumference.

X-SMALL SIZE: At 8″ Wide x 32″ Long, This belt is perfect for smaller frames, and will fit stomachs up to 34″ in circumference.***For best fit, measure around stomach at widest point.

Fat-Burning-Cream-2_750-2-600x6002    Fat burning cream Retail $29.99
  tightens skin and works well with waist trainer belt
CodeRed-E_750-400x400-1Code Red Retail $39.99
burns stubborn fat.. very popular product.. think Hydroxycut but better
Yohimbine_group-600x600-11Yohimbine Retail $24.99
  • Reduce depression
  • Fat loss in hard to lose areas like lower back and belly
  • Appetite suppression
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased energy
      Diabloz $29.97
      Very strong thermogenic… Active ingredients include synephrine, cayenne pepper, and theocrine.. very good
Expel-750  Retail $39.99
Expel-750 Is a Powerful Natural Diuretic is the best product to use for losing weight or cutting fat.
Total retail is regularly $209.99, Howver you can get it all for $159.99

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