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Complete 50 Day HCG Inj Kit

$679.99 $349.99


This product is the best option for women who need to release 40 lbs or less and Men who need to release 47 lbs or less.


  • (2) 5000 IU Vials of  HCG
  • (2) 10 ML BAC WATER


  • Book #1 How To Feel Good Naked in 26 Days Book (P1-4) (Digital Ebooks Downloads)
  • Book #2 How To Feel Good Naked P2 & P3 Recipes Book (Digital Ebooks Downloads)
  • (2) Hospira 10ml Mixing Vial
  • (47) Easy Glide U-100 Insulin syringe 29g x 5/16” *subject to change to 1/2 inch needle
  • (2) Easy Glide 10ml Mixing syringes, with needles attached  
  • (10) Alcohol Pads
  • Tape Measure
  • (10) 1ml syringes 30g x 1/2”
  • Introduction letter

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Weight 2 lbs

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