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Phase 3 – Stabilization

Phase 3 – Stabilization

Phase 3 is called the stabilization phase. I call it the muscle building phase because this is the phase where the transformation really took place and my body actually changed and I built up a lot of muscle in that phase. The reason why it’s so important is because this is the phase in which you reset your hypothalamus gland which controls pretty much all the major things about you.

It controls your height, your weight, your eye color, and your waistline. I mean everything that determined our set point weight at birth. We were designed to be a certain height and a certain weight and we destroyed and basically manipulated our set point and pushed it out of whack by making poor eating choices and having a western diet. This protocol is going to detox your body, reset your hypothalamus, and increase your metabolism to where it’s normal for you. The goal is, through phase 3, is to reset your hypothalamus gland so you never gain the weight back.

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