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Phase 2 – Fat Loss

The second phase of the HCG diet is where core weight loss occurs. You’ll adhere to a strict diet of no between 550 -750 calories a day and lose up to one pound each day. This phase will usually last for three to six weeks or more.

Even though the eating restrictions are rigid during this phase, you’ll find it easy to stay motivated. Your results will be so drastic and immediate that you will want to continue on with the diet.

HCG Diet Phase 2 – Implementing the Diet

Minimal eating is the key in phase two. Adhering to the 550 -750 calorie limit means you will be restricted in what you can eat. It’s important that you stay focused on the results and regularly take one HCG injection each morning.

The diet includes a very limited selection of meats, fruits and vegetables. It’s important to always eat a serving of protein at lunch and dinner, as this will provide you with much of the fuel your body needs.

There are almost no carbohydrates in this selected diet and very few fatty foods, so be sure to eat your favorite fatty dishes during the loading phase.

Sample Menu:

  • Breakfast: Coffee or tea
  • Mid Morning Snack: ½ Grapefruit
  • Lunch: Customized protein portion for faster fat loss, with multiple vegetables
  • Snack: One apple
  • Dinner: Choose a different recommended protein and vegetable.
  • Late Evening Snack: Strawberries

The servings might look measly when laid out on a plate in front of you, but the reward for keeping up with this diet is enormous. You’ll likely see incredible results after only one week in Phase II while maintaining those results is the objective during phase III

Sticking to the Diet

The key to phase two is adhering to the 550 calorie limit. As long as you aren’t overeating, the HCG hormone will allow your body to burn fat while still retaining muscle. Exceeding the daily calorie count could result in stalled or diminished weight loss results.

If you are experiencing trouble on the diet, I highly recommend we set up a chance to discuss your goals through my hcg diet coaching packages, and any issues you’re having on the diet. I’ve been through this many times before and can help get you on the right path!

HCG Diet Phase I

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