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Work Outs For Women


So you accepted my challenge and you began cutting back your calorie intake to stay below 500 a day, but the question is how can you burn fat or post pregnancy fat without getting in exercise?

That is a tough one, but there are ways to help support your body through light exercise that will not over-exert your body in the weight loss process. It is important to maintain focus on the goal of reducing your food intake, but exercising should be kept to a minimum since your body does not have enough fuel to support high intensity exercise or heavy weightlifting.

Initially the design of the hormone the goal is to kick start your body’s metabolism so that it’s able to burn fat at a much higher rate. But, incorporating a low-intensity exercise regimen is great for my clients. The length of time will vary on your level of required weight loss, age, sex, medical conditions and of course, available time.

I began sharing my story with others hoping to be able to help others who have felt the same way about their diet and weight. i personally answer emails, questions, and give advice to anyone on their journey.

Exercises for women

Ladies, I know how much harder it is for you to lose the excess pounds and sagging skin, especially after pregnancy. however, just like I tell the males, heavy exercises to help you burn some extra calories while on the diet:

Light jogging
Elliptical training
Jumping jacks

Remember, these 10 light exercises are not meant to be strenuous, and are meant to help keep your muscle strength up and stay active while on the diet. You can incorporate these workouts as you’re on your diet and factor them into keeping track of your calorie intake.

Important Exercising Tips:

  • Use proper form – keep your arms moving freely, abs tight, weight centered, shoulders down and back.
  • Don’t work too hard – Although it may sound counter-productive, you are burning more calories than you consume don not exhaust yourself!
  • Drink up! – Water is very important and key to burning excess body fat, try drinking 3 liters of water or more per day while on the diet.
  • Keep it under an hour – Studies show that a person’s body only requires about 30 minutes of aerobic activity in order to increase metabolism, improve body range movement and burn calories.



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