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How Does the HCG Diet Work?

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in pregnant women and is used to stimulate the use of fat cells to maintain a healthy baby. In this case, HCG is used to metabolize fat in an overweight person, while suppressing the appetite. Dr. Simeons developed the protocol over 60 years ago, and it has worked successfully for decades helping people lose incredible amounts of weight in short amounts of time.

What Can you eat on the HCG diet?

While on the HCG diet, you'll consume between 500-800 nutrient-dense calories per day. These include lean proteins, leafy greens, and more. While the diet is restrictive, it's only for a short period of time. 

How Does HCG Affect the Body?

Aside from mobilizing excess fat stores in the body to help you lose weight, HCG can help elevate your energy level, focus and more. 

Can I exercise while on the HCG Diet?

Yes. Moderate cardio, such as walking, hiking and biking are encouraged. Some clients have experienced muscle gain and toning when following a consistent weight training program. Depending on your personal goals, we will work together to determine the proper nutrition and caloric parameters based on your individual activity and needs. 

Is the HCG diet really only 500 calories per day?

No. The original protocol outlined by Dr. Simmeons suggested a 500 calorie per day restriction, but since then, the protocol has been revised to accommodate our more modern means of living and eating. 

Will I lose Muscle on the HCG diet?

Not necessarily. Many of our clients have seen tremendous muscle growth when the right proteins are ingested alongside a daily weight training regimen. Some of our clients have even gone on to become fitness competitors as a result of their body transformation.

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