LIPOTROPIC Vitamin B-Complex w/ MIC Fat Burner

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MIC along with other ingredients (11 ml Vial)

The MIC content per ml of the vial are given below :

After reconstituion, each ml contains:

Thiamine Hydrochloride IP 4.3mg

Riboflavin IP 4.5

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 4.5mg

Niacinamide IP 90.9mg

D-Panthenol IP 9.1mg

Methionine IP 9.1

Inositol 4.5mg

Choline Chloride 9.1mg

Vitamin B, IP 90.9mg

Chiorocresol IP 0.09%

Our enhanced vitamin B12 injections can help to rid your body of fatty deposits more efficiently and increase your energy levels when used in combination with a strict diet and regular exercise. Our special MIC Plus formula includes the following carefully selected ingredients:

  • Methionine - The "M" in MIC Plus. This sulfur-containing amino acid aids in the metabolism of fat in the liver and may also help to prevent fatigue and lower cholesterol.
  • Inositol - The "I" in MIC. Part of the B complex of vitamins, inositol helps to maintain neural functioning and cell structures.
  • Choline - The "C" in MIC. This B-vitamin helps to excrete chemical toxins and fatty deposits from the liver. It can also aid memory and help to maintain the nervous system. A lipid known as lecithin forms when choline and inositol combine, which assists in the protection and health of the cardiovascular system and liver.

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