10-Day Keto Diet Maintenance Plan


You will receive three downloads:

  • 10 Day Keto Reset eBook: 100 pages of complete instructions for how to properly execute the 10-day keto program and how to properly combine it with your Advanced HCG Diet protocol as phase 4.
  • 10 Day Keto Workout Plan: The perfect complement to get the most out of your final fat loss efforts.
  • 10 Day Keto Diet Bonus Recipes and Maintenance Plan: A creative way to mix up your menu and keep your flavor pallet full, fresh and interesting.

Upon checkout and payment submission, you will receive an email receipt from which will include all three digital documents. Each purchase entitles you to two downloads of each document within 10 days of purchase.


10-Day Keto Diet Maintenance Plan

My private clients have been begging me for years to create a simple program to help them release all of the body fat they ever want to lose, and, maintain those losses for a lifetime.

After completing the Advanced HCG Body for Life protocol phases I, 2, and 3, finish up with what I call phase 4: the 10-day keto diet maintenance plan.

This is the last time you will ever have to try to lose weight. That’s a pretty exciting feeling, right? No more starving yourself on diets that don’t work or workout routines that have you exercising for hours at a time. Never again.

You are FINALLY going to experience what it looks like, and most importantly, feels like, when you permanently banish all the fat that has slowly crept around your tummy, waist, hips, legs, and thighs, over the years. The best part is, by the time you are done, you will have completely transformed your metabolism — making rebound weight gain almost impossible.

Ask anybody with a 10-Day Reset Diet Success Story what the best part of building their dream body is and you will be shocked to hear that it’s NOT all the weight they lost. Although rapid, safe, and permanent weight loss is inevitable on the 10-Day Reset Diet plan, the biggest gift you will receive by the time you are done is to control.

As a 10-Day Reset Diet Success Story, I promise you that words cannot describe what it really feels like to finally be in control of how you look and feel every single day!


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