How to Rethink Your Diet ‘Resolutions’ in 2018

It’s estimated that almost 40% of people make some kind of New Year’s resolution. They start the year looking to quit smoking, pay off debt, or in most cases, lose weight. Diet resolutions are the most popular and yet seem to be the hardest ones to achieve. We set the sometimes-unrealistic goals anyway and charge headlong into the new year determined to lose that 50 pounds or 70 pounds or 100 pounds. If we don’t hit the goal this year, the number will be higher next year.


How many people find success in their resolutions? 8%. That’s it. Not a very impressive number.


So how can you rethink your diet resolutions to help insure success? Should we even be calling them resolutions at all? Let’s look at some strategies that can help insure your success…


6 easy tips to help you achieve your diet goals in 2018:


  • Set a GOAL, don’t make a resolution – A resolution is simply a decision to do something or not. A goal is the object of your ambition or effort. We are conditioned to view a resolution as an all-or-nothing final outcome…goals can be fluid and can allow for adjustments along the way. Life happens to us all and our goals can bend with it.


Setting realistic and achievable goals also allows us to experience all the little victories along the way without being caught up in the rigid view of the final destination. That first 10 pounds can lead to a smaller size in jeans or being able to walk further than you ever have before.


  • Be accountable – Studies consistently show that participating in an accountability group or working with a coach/mentor helps you hit your goals quicker and easier than trying to ‘go it alone’. Everyone has struggles when trying to lose weight and finding a group who understands that and is willing to be a support for each other can be invaluable.


  • Make small changes every day – Setting large goals to lose lots of weight can be daunting when you actually look at the number of pounds you want to lose. Instead, start the year with the goal of changing one small thing each day.


If you are following a meal plan, you already have your roadmap for what to eat so try changing something small like eating on a small plate (portion control) or walk an extra 5 minutes tomorrow. Changing or improving one thing each day can also help you immediately recognize barriers to your success and help you adapt easier.



  • Always keep The Big Three in sight – This one is simple and we have heard it over and over when starting any new diet program. These tips ring true no matter what your weight loss goals are and are actually universal for all of us:


Drink more water

Get more sleep

Start moving


  • Don’t forget self-care – In the high-stress world we live in, it’s easy to forget to do the little things to take care of ourselves. Add to that the stress of ‘resolutions’ and it becomes a nightmare of worry, self-doubt, and feelings of failure.


Take time to meditate as it’s proven to help reduce stress on the body, calm the mind, and aid in more restful sleep. Write down a gratitude list at the end of each day to help you focus on all the positive people and things in your life that will help you achieve your goals. A warm, relaxing bath or massage can help your body release toxins and aid in recovery from exercise.


  • Write everything down – Keep track of not only the details of your eating/exercise plan, but also HOW you will stay on track. The success of your weight loss goals has many moving parts but having them all accounted for in a daily roadmap can help keep you on track and focused. You would not attempt to find a new place to drive to without looking at a map and knowing the best route to take, would you? Create your map every day without fail and you’ll never feel lost.


Yes, the New Year signifies a new beginning but what we should really be thinking is that every day gives us a new beginning. It’s a reset and when we look at our weight loss goals in these terms, we can allow for a ‘Plan B’ if we stumble and it gives us a break from beating ourselves up if we don’t hit the goal we set for ourselves.


So, here’s to your GOALS for 2018 and making sure you are in the 8%!