Today’s Show-HCG90X Challenge… Interview With Our Mrs. X

On this short call, we are going to go into more detail about the New HCG-90X challenge, introduce you to the our mystery trainer who will be bring to you her unique style of cardio kickboxing and fat burning workouts for the 12 week challenge.

Recently seen on The View last week, she has a huge heart, tons of energy, and is committed to helping each and every new member of HCG 90X build he body of their lives! So join us tonight at 5:30 PST.

hCG Body Talk -Ask Me Anything HCG

Today’s call  is an open forum call for any HCG diet related questions. Take this opportunity to get your questions answered, and arm yourself with the information needed to succeed. Please make sure to have specific questions in mind, and not just “How does the HCG diet work?”

See you there!

Recap the 20 best HCG diet tips!

HCG-Ology all about the HCG body for life fat loss system.

A quick replay of the events of 2011 and what you can expect from HCG Body for life in 2012… Together we can all have and create our very own healthy, fit, strong and sexy, HCG Body for LIFE!

Happy New Year!

Much Love…

Colin and Jayne