It is known to all that regular exercising keeps you fit and strong. It is the secret to lead a happy life as you are physically fit to overcome various forms of ailments. In today’s world, a number of individuals have hit the gym or perform regular exercise. It has been medically proven that regular workout reduces the chances of several forms of diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer and even lowers the risk of early death. The reaction could be improved by following HCG diet plan along with regular exercising.

HCG Diet – The Real Booster for Rapid Weight Loss Program

How does the dietary plan work in achieving better results?
It is known to everyone that exercise is good for their health but here we are discussing the impact of exercise in reducing weight.
Workout helps in maintain a standard weight or to prevent excess weight gain by burning calories and building muscles. Though it is truly effective for your body it is bound to take a certain time and is going to serve you for the long run. Now you can rapidly lose weight by adding HCG diet plan in your daily workout schedule. The plan is designed intelligently to react with your body’s metabolism and help you in reducing weight.

Myth about following exercise regime while on HCG protocol
Over the years, people have developed a myth about the dietary plan due to the repetitive false discussions being made on several forms of media. They believe that while an individual is on a dietary plan they have to stay away from their regular exercises. It’s true to the core that the dietary plan is really helpful in losing weight but it is absolutely false information that it has anything negative to do with exercise.

In fact, it has been proven now that the combination of both the program has provided better and faster results to the individual following it. This protocol helps in rapidly losing the stored fat cells. It is up to the individual to exit it out of their body through the sweat glands or from the urinary tract. For removing it through the sweat glands you need to do a certain form of mobile activity that includes blood pumping activities. The requirement of the complete HCG diet plan for losing weight is 45-60 minute walk per day that is to be followed with a 10-30 HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

HCG Diet – The Real Booster for Rapid Weight Loss Program

Phases of HCG protocol:
Every plan involves certain steps that are to be implemented to achieve the desired goal. As discussed earlier that once you get started in the plan then you are surely going to lose weight and gain physical fitness. The entire process is divided into two phases that are discussed below:

  • Fat loading phase – Though it seems tough to gorge on all the fatty foods consumed at a rate of 3000 and 5000 calories per day but it is the loading period. Many people find it enjoyable as they are free to gorge on all their favorite delights.
  • Fat losing phase – In the first stage, your body stores enough fat cells that have to be burned down in this phase. The individuals are allowed food intake of 550-750 calories per day that is enough to make you lose up to 1 pound per day. During the phase, the persons involved passes through mental and physical challenges as they have to continue their exercise along with the limited dietary plan. The diet includes zero carbohydrate and very less fatty foods. Though the diet might seem measly but it will give you enormous results at the end of the program.

Major concerns of the dietary plan:
Normally individuals may face hunger or fatigue if they follow the plan. It has been noticed that people do not realize the reasons of sustaining the plan. The main reason is, during the early stage body receives a huge proportion of calories that provide necessary nutrients which are preserved in the muscle tissue and sustain the activities. This is why you rarely feel any form of weakness or hunger even in a low diet plan along with regular exercise. It proves that with proper HCG diet and regular exercise anyone could receive faster results.

Advanced HCG Protocol

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