How To Crush It In Network Marketing When You Don’t Know Shit…

It’s All About “TIMING.” People. That’s the secret to network marketing.

First of all, if you are joining a network marketing company just to make $500 to $2,000 extra per month, That’s Awesome, and It’s absolutley possible…

But if you are looking to amplify 10 X that for the same efforts, and possibly even make six or even seven figures and live the life of your dreams by working in a home based business, this will be important to you.

First, let’s legitimize every business. Every business or company goes through a life cycle. It goes from Idea to Start Up, through a High Growth phase, then an Acceptance and Maturity phase, and then eventually into Stability and maybe even decline (if things don’t change, they will die). This is not only every company but the natural laws of growth of the universe! It’s grass, trees, animals, YOU!

Therefore, network marketing companies are like any other company or business.

They go through life cycles too.

And if you’re going to be successful in a home-based business, then it’s important for you to decide what your goals are, and understand the difference between companies and where they are in their life cycle.

hgh gelWhich stage do you want to be in?

Can you imagine being an early stage investor for Microsoft? Who knew about them? Who was willing to take the risk? Would you knowing what you know now?

Early stage represents a higher risk because nobody has heard of them, but also higher rewards.

Later stages represent acceptance by others and a lower risk, but also a lower reward.

For example, if you’re an investor, it’s the same amount of work to invest in 100 shares of Microsoft in 1978 as it is to invest in 100 shares today.

However, those 1978 shares would now be worth $750,000 today, and it cost $2,100.

Today, 100 shares would cost $7400 per share.

However, if you are wondering “why network marketers who work just as hard as me that join my company one year from now will make 10x less than me?”

Well, one reason may be because of my positioning and timing in a company, because I took action quickly.

If a company, like many network marketing companies, use the binary plan and start to grab market share, then those Founders and beginning stage reps are actually taking a position that CAN (not will) capture the most market share due to the growth of the company.

Don’t believe me? Check out the book How to Become Filthy Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing by the legendary Mark Yarnell and Valerie Bates and the first chapter about Pioneers and Settlers and the risks they each take, versus the rewards.

In this chapter, they go through the story of the beginning networker who is working his butt off for years and earning all the ranks and promotions and doing all the traveling, but can’t figure out why he/she’s not earning as much as some of the veterans in the company.

The answer one experienced person told him: “TIMING.”

The people who were able to use the leverage of starting out, and then going from the massive growth stage being the first 1 to 100,000 people, have a much easier time having massive success vs when the company goes from 100,000 to 450,000.

Put that in math perspective.

100,000 times growth versus 4.5x growth.

Who’s going to win??

Now I’m not saying that it’s not possible to make exceptional income joining a mature company. It is POSSIBLE.

But if you want to exponentially multiply your chances of success for the same amount of work, then consider joining up with a company like ours that is just beginning!

What will it look like when we reach 500,000 or so members? Our market for our product is HUGE (know anyone who wants to slow down the aging process??) and eventually, our product will be available in every country, so we will continue to grow into other countries. We are currently in the U.S.

So I don’t know about you. But I know I work hard and I want to be rewarded for my efforts. So why not get rewarded even more if I’m going to work hard anyway??

If you’re interested in making significant income, like six or even seven figures, maybe you should consider a MEGAGROWTH company like ours?

Here are some additional details on our product and company if you are interested in hearing more about the opportunity and how it can change your life like it has ours! PM me on FaceBook or go to


Colin and Jayne

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