How to Mix HCG Drops for the HCG Diet

How to Mix HCG Drops

If you are ready to start the HCG diet but the thought of injections intimidates you, don’t worry. You can mix HCG drops in both 5000 and 10000 IUs for sublingual use. These are known as HCG drops. You can also buy premixed HCG drops to remove the fear and confusion altogether. But not to worry – this video and blog will cover everything you need to know to mix HCG drops on your own.

Get out your alcohol, vial of 5000 iu’s of hCG, Sodium chloride (“wound wash”) or Bacteriostatic water and clean the tops as Have a clean storage container to store your mixed drops for use. I recommend a baby food jar which is covered in foil. Since it is not very deep, it makes it easy to reach the bottom of the container. Make sure you have washed it thoroughly in hot, soapy water. Your solution is not going to be sterile because it is not going to be stored in a sterile vial, but you want to keep it as free from contaminants as possible. Lastly, you will need a baby syringe or a 1 cc syringe that does not have a needle attached. Frequently a pharmacy will give you one of these for free if you ask.

If you’re using wound wash, discharge some of this into a clean cup, and draw it up into your mixing needle until you have added 13 cc’s of this into your storage container. Make sure you don’t have air bubbles in your syringe. Then take a final 2 cc’s and add it to your hcg vial, as I described in the other thread. Gently roll the vial to mix, and then add it back to your sterile container. You now have 5000 iu’s of hcg mixed with 15 cc’s of fluid, for a mixture of 333 iu’s per cc. Your starting dose will be .5 cc’s, which will be 166 iu’s.

How to dose HCG drops

Do not eat or drink anything for 15’ before and after you dose. Draw up .5 cc’s with your dosing syringe, and squirt the mixture under your tongue. Hold it there for a good 5 minutes, then swallow what is left.

You will dose 2x/day, approximately 12 hours apart. If you’re off by an hour or two on some days, don’t worry about it, but we do recommend being as consistent as possible to ensure the HCG remains consistent in your blood stream.

5) For those who have difficulty holding that much liquid under your tongue, you can mix your solution more concentrated so that you can use a smaller volume. (this is what I do). In this case, add a total of 9 cc’s of fluid (first 7 cc‘s, followed by 2 that you add to your hcg vial). Your dosing amount will be .3 cc’s instead of .5. This will still give you the same starting dose of 166 iu’s per dose. For anyone using liquid hcg, you will subtract one cc from the amount of total liquid that you mix with.

If you are ready to buy drops, check out our collection of kits that come complete with everything you need to successfully and safely start the diet.

The HCG diet requires focus, but if you are serious with losing weight, this is the fastest and safest option to get real results. Before you get started, check out my YouTube playlist of videos on how to get started on the HCG diet.

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