How to Mix HCG Drops

How to Mix HCG Drops for the HCG Diet

If you are ready to start the HCG diet but the thought of injections intimidates you, don’t worry. You can mix HCG drops in both 5000 and 10000 IUs for sublingual use. These are known as HCG drops. You can also buy premixed HCG drops to remove the fear and confusion altogether. But not to…

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How to Inject HCG for the HCG Diet

How to inject HCG properly

Learning to inject HCG correctly can be intimidating, especially when you are new to the HCG diet. Watch and follow as I demonstrate how you can get them most of your HCG diet weight loss with injections. Have you heard about the HCG diet, the new diet that’s taking the world by storm? If you haven’t,…

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How To Use B12 Injections With HCG Diet

How to use b12 injections with HCG diet

B12 is an energy-boosting supplement that gives us the much-needed focus and energy needed in our daily lives, as well as during the HCG diet. Learning to use b12 injections is simple and easy and can maximize your weight loss while boosting your energy. What is B12 and Why You Should Supplement Vitamin B12 is a nutrient…

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HCG Diet Supplements For Fast Weight Loss

HCG Diet Supplements

When it comes time to start the HCG diet, we suggest getting a some extra supplements you’ll need to make the most of your efforts and your weight loss. Some of these are kitchen staples, while others are extras you’ll want to look for before getting started. We suggest getting all of the diet supplements…

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My #1 HCG Diet Fast Fat Loss Secret

#1 HCG Diet Fat Loss Secret Revealed

There is one secret that I have that will increase your success, help you experience fast fat loss and make magic happen on the HCG diet. Are you ready? HCG is an abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotropin. Although this hormone can be found in the human body, pregnant women produce it in very large quantities.…

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HCG Phase 1: Why You Must Gain Weight

Why you must gain weight in Phase 1 of the HCG Diet

One of the most common questions asked by my clients is why weight gain is so critical in Phase 1 of the HCG diet. How much weight you gain while loading in Phase 1 of the hCG diet is highly individual, but there are few things that I have observed in watching many people on…

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Phase 3 Maintenance Breakthrough

Phase 3 Maintenance Breakthrough on HCG diet

You’ve worked so hard to achieve weight loss and muscle gains on the HCG diet. Learn our tips and tricks for keeping off your weight and maintaining the body of your life in Phase 3 of the HCG diet. One of the most  (if not THE most )  important  part  of the HCG diet. If…

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Can You Build Muscle on HCG?

How to lose weight, get in shape and build muscle on the hcg diet

Dr. Simeon’s original protocol didn’t recommend exercise, but on our advanced HCG diet, we’ve rewritten the rules. Check out this video to learn why you should exercise and how you can build muscle while burning fat, leaving you with the best body of your life! This post if for the misinformed, who have been misled…

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Eating to live, Not living to eat

Phase 4 Re-introducing carbs and sugars into your diet. This can be a very tricky and dangerous game when it comes to maintaining your new weight. We will discuss portion control and carb shifting to make living with your new body easy! Afterall, it’s important that we learn the importance of eating in a way…

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How To Prepare Mentally for The HCG Diet

Many HCG dieters have a 10 to 14 day waiting period before their HCG arrives in the mail. Today we are going to share with you ACTION PLAN… “How to get past the obstacles that stop you from reaching your weight loss goals” 10 day action plan for weight loss success!

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So What’s Your Excuse?

Excuses Begone… Today’s show, we are going to explore some of the excuses we use that get in the way of reaching our goals. What excuses have used in the past, or are currently using now that are getting in the way of your weight loss goals. This will be an open discussion for those…

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