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Eating to live, Not living to eat

Phase 4 Re-introducing carbs and sugars into your diet. This can be a very tricky and dangerous game when it comes to maintaining your new weight. We will discuss portion control and carb shifting...

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How To Prepare Mentally for The HCG Diet

Many HCG dieters have a 10 to 14 day waiting period before their HCG arrives in the mail. Today we are going to share with you ACTION PLAN... "How to get past the obstacles that stop you from...

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So What’s Your Excuse?

Excuses Begone... Today's show, we are going to explore some of the excuses we use that get in the way of reaching our goals. What excuses have used in the past, or are currently using now that are...

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HCG Diet for Your Health

Today's show will be an open discussion and Q an A session. I will be having a brief discussion about HCG diet and our overall health and then open the lines for question and success stories. So...

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Mastering Phase3 of the HCG diet

Ask me anything HCG and Mastering Phase3 of the HCG diet... "The muscle building and stabilization phase" This will be a general Q & A regarding the HCG diet, and mastering Phase 3 for those...

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If you know you are ready to achieve your very best body, and are tired of trying gimmicks that don't work, or are sick of the long tedious process of dieting, call me. My personalized approach will ensure you get the results you desire with the level of accountability you need to succeed.