An HCG Diet Success Story

I am an HCG success story. I’ve had the most positive experience using the HCG Body for Life Program with the excellent guidance of Colin Watson. I lost 30 lbs and went down 15% body fat in 50 days (during the holidays I might add).

I started this journey mid October 2014. I had been a professional dancer for over 15 years, working out and dancing 4-10 hours a day. I ate anything I wanted and managed to stay in great shape due to the amount of daily activity I had for 15+ years. Once I stopped dancing, the amount of activity had gone down to 1-3 hours of exercising 5-6 days a week, I still had a physical job but it didn’t burn half as many calories as dancing.

I also started to go to dinners and movies and sit more and nibble on food at night, when for 15 years I had been in classes, rehearsals doing shows most evenings. In the last 5 years my weight had started to be steadily increasing, despite the diets and workouts. My body has always been a priority to me to keep in shape and look good- for my job, my health (physically and mentally), my confidence and my attitude.

I started feeling horrible about myself, the way I looked in clothes and just didn’t feel like going out and stopped being in pictures because I hated how I looked. I was frustrated and finally ready to do something drastic about it.had seen and heard the advertisements and results by following Colin and his lovely inspiring wife Jayne’s Facebook pages. I knew Jayne personally and wanted to find out more about this “HCG stuff”. I had questions and concerns since it sounded too good to be true and I wasn’t sure if it was safe.

I spoke with Colin and asked him my 101 questions and decided to go for it. Iwas willing to commit the time and give up what I had been doing, since it wasn’t working. I decided I wanted my body back enough thatI was ready to weigh myself, weigh and portion my food out and plan my meals ahead and do the HCG protocol everyday for 50 days.[/vc_column_text][sh_quote]What sold me on the program was that I had Colin as a coach throughout the whole process. The fact that I had him on my side- checking on me, supporting me, guiding me, answering every question via phone, email or text, motivating me, reminding me and making me feel like I could be successful and get the body I wanted was the BEST part.I liked that every day while doing the HCG injections, you would either get results or consequences (which kept me from cheating).Because of that, I overcame one of my biggest hurdles, got a scale and weighed myself on a daily basis.

I followed the protocol by PLANNING my meals and staying between 550-750 calories a day and sticking to eating the “allowed” foods, drinking a gallon of water a day getting good sleep and doing my daily injections. It was NOT impossible:

I ate something every 3 hours. The hardest part was learning to plan ahead, other than that, I felt great and energized and was not hungry. I proceeded to lose weight on a daily basis. Along the way, I had a couple hiccups in the road but with the help, advise, and expertise of Colin we were able to overcome the hurdles I had come across and kept moving forward.

I finished the phase 2 of HCG, looking and feeling great. I had lost 30 pounds and about 15% body fat. I felt amazing in anything and everything I put on. I couldn’t believe how successful I was and felt I had my young body back. The best part was that I never felt like I had to starve myself and I learned a great deal about my eating patterns.It reinforced the importance of eating every 3 hours, and drinking plenty of water each day. Since then, I have followed Colin’s phase 3 – 2.0 by staying under the required net carbs a day and getting a cheat evening every 5 days. I’m happy to say that I have managed to stay within 5 lbs of my “goal weight” and within 1% of my low body fat percentage.

I am thrilled about having made the decision to do the HCG diet with Colin F. Watson. It has made a huge difference in my world both mentally and physically and has taught me so much. I have been blessed with not only getting a coach who cares about my progress and listens to my concerns, but I’ve gained a friend who I value and plan to know for years to come. I couldn’t imagine going through this process without the consistent guidance of Colin.[/vc_column_text][sh_quote]I think this is a great program for anyone who is ready to BE SERIOUS and make SACRIFICES and FOLLOW the protocol to attain their goal for their body. I plan to try to stay within my new set goals and do a shorter version of the HCG protocol on an annual basis just to regroup and reaffirm clean eating habits because let’s face it- life happens…

HCG Diet Treatment for Type II Diabetes

Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In addition, an estimated 79 million U.S. adults have pre-diabetes, a condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

Pre-diabetes raises a person’s risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Diabetes affects 8.3 percent of Americans of all ages and 11.3 percent of adults aged 20 and older, according to the National Diabetes Fact Sheet for 2011. About 27 percent of those with diabetes—7 million Americans—do not know they have the disease. Pre-diabetes affects 35 percent of adults aged 20 and older.

Many recent studies have shown a direct link between obesity and the diagnosis of type II diabetes, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Also known as adult-onset diabetes, type II is increasingly being diagnosed in overweight children and adolescents. In this type of diabetes, the body produces insulin, but interference from the complications of obesity doesn’t allow the body to use it as it should.

Think You Are Diabetic?

Child Obesity

Fast weight loss for diabeticsIn type II diabetic, due to an overproduction of insulin, the body can no longer produce the correct amount of insulin to maintain healthy blood sugar levels for this reason the body become resistant to proper insulin production. This is called insulin resistance.

Ninety percent of diabetics are diagnosed with type II diabetes. Usually, this diagnosis came after the age of 40, but the condition is now increasingly found in patients in their 20’s and children.

In a study published last year, CDC projected that as many as 1 in 3 U.S. adults could have diabetes by 2050 if current trends continue.

Risk factors for type 2 diabetes include older age, obesity, family history, having diabetes while pregnant (gestational diabetes), a sedentary lifestyle, and race/ethnicity. Groups at higher risk for the disease are African-Americans, Hispanics, American Indians/Alaska Natives, and some Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Since 1968, obesity in American children has doubled, and today, approximately 28% of American children are obese. This increase in obesity has been directly linked to the rise in type II diabetes in both children and adults.

Studies have shown that an increase in abdominal fat is linked to glucose intolerance, as well as to overeating and general obesity. A body mass index (BMI) of over 40 has been linked to a higher chance of developing diabetes. HCG Diet Weight Loss is becoming a power force in treating in obesity triggered Type II diabetes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a healthy BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9. Obese individuals often have diets high in carbohydrates, starches and sugars, and low in protein and good fats.The way in which these highly processed sugary foods are digested is related to how the body processes sugar. Like obesity, type II diabetes is highly preventable.

Even mild weight loss can lower one’s risk of developing type II diabetes by as much as five to ten percent.

The CDC recommends a well balanced, healthy diet, i.e. HCG Diet for Weight Loss, along with moderate exercise on a regular basis, as the first steps in preventing both obesity and diabetes.

Many Type II diabetics who have undergone HCG diet treatment have experienced stabilization of blood sugar and normalized insulin production. I many cases reversing their Type II diabetic condition.

Reducing stress levels can also go a long way in preventing diabetes.

The 20-Percenters High Payoff Activities

Today I’m writing about the concept of the 20-percenters and how your connection with this group could take you to the top in almost any profession.

The 20-percenters philosophy is based on the well-known Pareto principle in which Vilfredo Pareto observed that 20 percent of Italy’s population controlled 80% of the wealth of the nation.  From there, he came up with the concept of unequal distribution, in which he saw that in many of our lives, there was an unequal relationship between input and output.

This stated that there are truly only a few things that cause our success, and if we can do these few things well, it will separate us from the masses. It’s also related to the fact that there was a small group of people in the world who had recognized this fact, and they were the individuals who were the most successful in our society.

So, you may ask yourself, how can I become a 20-percenter?

I came across this Facebook post by an acquaintance of mine that I found hugely profound. I found that it tested my commitment to being among the 20-percenters of our society. You see, you’ll begin to read these affirmations, and then you’ll realize how long this post is. 80% of you will not make it through this entire page. Then you’ll know if you’re ready to be among the 20-percenters, just for today. If not, then come back tomorrow and try again…

Today I wanted to share with you the programing my mind goes through right after I have worked out at the gym for an hour. Usually I invest my time by going into the sauna (or) the steam room at the gym where I meditate and think about my thoughts. This is a great time to prepare the mind for your day. After I have treated my self as a “KING” (QUEEN for the ladies) this means Working Out, Sauna, Steam and 1st meal of the day.  then I am ready to do my Power Hour.  It’s not really an hour more like 20 min, but is is a specific time on my agenda every morning in my daily planner.

I read my Purpose Statement,  review my 5 year Bottom Lines, my 30 day Objectives and get my mind in touch with my Higher Power aka (GOD) Yes I Pray. This is also the time I read my Daily Affirmations and program my subconscious and conscious mind. I read them out loud in the morning and I do this again before I retire in the evening.All my actions support my dreams.

All of my actions reflect my intentions.

All of my actions support my goals, bottom lines and life’s objectives. 

By taking positive actions, I bring more positive results into my life now. 

Each day I do one new thing to improve the quality of my life. (Plan, Promote, Inspire) 

Every day I take goal-directed actions. I write them down, I prioritize them in to 80% &  20% tasks. 

Every action I take increases my motivation. I like doing 20% high payoff activities. 

Every action I take moves me closer to my goal. I like to delegate my 80% low payoff activities. 

Every activity I perform is in accordance with the commitment to my goals, my purpose and my wheel of life.

Every day I take positive action towards my goals, objectives and bottom lines. 

Every day, without fail, I move closer to my goals,  objectives and bottom lines. 

Every positive action I take accelerates my progress. This shows up in all six areas of my wheel of life. 

Every positive action I take creates fantastic new opportunities for me. We are creative creatures. 

Every positive action I take leads to greater and greater success. Teams make Dreams work. 

Everything I do supports my desires for the future. I have learned from the past and I am paying attention to my now the present. 

Everything I do takes me closer to my dreams. Bigger Teams have Bigger Dreams. 

I accept complete responsibility for my actions. I am responsiable for me and what I do next makes the biggest difference. 

I accept that I don’t need to know everything in order to become more successful in life. This is why I have exelent friends and relationships. 

I act on all inspirations as they are received. My Thoughts and ideas are important and must be acted upon. 

I act on every opportunity that qualifies for my time which is my life. 

I  act in balance in all six areas of my life. Begin with Being, Brain, Body, Time, People and Money. 

I act purposefully and make things happen. One person makes the difference. I am that person. 

I act right now like the person I dream of becoming. I am the person I would like to meet. 

I always know what needs to be done, and get to doing it right away. Time is ticking and I cannot get any of it back. 

I always know which actions will return the greatest benefits. They are the 20% high payoff activities. 

I always take action when needed. I can get it done. 

I am always motivated to take positive action. This defines who I am in my work and life. 

I am always moving forward in my life. I can’t make others move, they are responsiable for their lives. I can Ask, Inspire and provide reasons to help others mover their lives forward.  

I am always ready to jump into action. Yes, Yes, Yes. 

I am committed to putting 100% effort into my goals. This is my life and my dream. I live it daily. 

I am completely dedicated to doing everything it takes to reach my highest potential.

I am creating a great future for myself right now. My family, my Team and others become more sucessful by my successes.  

I am inspired to take action every day. The passed is that. I am living in the Now. I am living my planed future.  

I am now taking positive action towards the results I want.

I am prepared and ready to get to work. 

I am productive at all times.

I am ready to do whatever it takes to make my dream a reality. I am not lazy. I ask, seek and knock. 

I am successful because I get things done. My work, my plans my relationships. 

I can be depended upon to take action when action is needed. Yes, Yes, Yes. 

I constantly and passionately take action towards achieving my goals, objectives and bottom lines. 

I continually look for ways to accomplish more each day. My Daily Planner helps me accomplish this. 

I control my life by the positive actions I take.

I dare to put my mind, emotions and actions to work for what I want in my life.

I demonstrate my commitment through my actions.

I demonstrate my commitment through the actions I take.

I direct all my energy towards positive actions.

I do right now what needs to be done.

I do the difficult, unpleasant tasks first, so that everything else seems fun and easy.

I eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes of the actions I take every day.

I empower my dream by directing all my thoughts and actions towards its manifestation.

I empower myself to action by displaying visual images that support my goals.

I enjoy getting things done!

I ensure that I am always moving towards my dream.

I ensure that I spend time working on each goal every day.

I ensure that I take daily action towards my goals.

I ensure that my thoughts, words and actions are always congruent. I live a balanced life. 

I feel totally invigorated by each positive action I take. When I wake up to when I go to bed. 

I get things done. Yes I do. 

I have written down the actions needed to reach my goals.

I honor all my intentions by acting on them daily.

I keep an ongoing to-do list and work through it daily. My Daily planner helps me with this. 

I know exactly what I need to do in order to achieve my goals.

I know exactly what I want to accomplish today.

I know that actions always speak louder than words.

I know that gains are only made by continually moving forward.

I know that it takes action to change one’s life. I like taking action and living in change. 

I know that now is the only time to move towards my dreams.

I know that results are but a positive action away.

I know that taking purposeful action is the only way to move forward. I have a Purpose worth failing for. My purpose picks me up when I read it. 

I know that the only time for action is the present. I can plan for the future but I act now in my present. 

I know that the sooner I get started, the sooner I will see results. I will begin now. 

I eagerly anticipate the positive outcomes of the actions I take every day.

I empower my dream by directing all my thoughts and actions towards its manifestation.

I empower myself to action by displaying visual images that support my goals.

I enjoy getting things done!

I ensure that I am always moving towards my dream.

I ensure that I spend time working on each goal every day.

I ensure that I take daily action towards my goals.

I ensure that my thoughts, words and actions are always congruent.

I feel totally invigorated by each positive action I take.

I get things done.

I have written down the actions needed to reach my goals, my bottom lines and my wheel of life. 

I honor all my intentions by acting on them daily.

I keep an ongoing to-do list and work through it daily.

I know exactly what I need to do in order to achieve my goals.

I know exactly what I want to accomplish today.

I know that actions always speak louder than words.

I know that gains are only made by continually moving forward.

I know that it takes action to change one’s life.

I know that now is the only time to move towards my dreams.

I know my plans for the future are like the blueprints for my active mind to follow each day. 

I know that results are but a positive action away.

I know that taking purposeful action is the only way to move forward.

I know that the only time for action is the present.

I know that the sooner I get started, the sooner I will see results.

I know that the sooner I start, the sooner I can enjoy the results. 

I know that the sooner I start a task, the sooner it will be completed.

I know what I have to do every day to take me closer to my goal.

I know what I want and take specific actions to make it happen.

I know what steps are required to achieve my most important goal.

I love getting things done!

I love the feeling of crossing another job off my to-do list.

I make every action an efficient action.

I move forwards at all times.

I only spend energy on empowering actions.

I pledge to take action towards my goals every day.

I relentlessly work towards my dream.

I remain focused in the present, and everything gets done one task at a time.

I see the value of my daily actions because they are an integral part of my plan.

I set lots of productive tasks for myself today.

I take action towards my goals daily.

I take charge of my life by taking positive actions to improve it.

I take determined action towards my goals.

I take positive actions every day to move closer to my dream.

I talk less and do more.

I think less and take action more.

I transform my thoughts into reality by taking positive action.

I turn every intention into action.

I use the power of music to propel me into action.

I work towards my dream at all times.

I write down the steps required to reach my goals, and work towards their completion.

My daily positive actions move me closer and closer to my dream.

My positive thoughts fill my life with positive action.

My thoughts and actions create my reality.

My words and actions are increasingly in agreement.

My words and actions determine who I become.

Now is the perfect time to start moving towards my goals.

Right now, I am doing what is most important to my plans for the future.

Through intelligent action, I now create the circumstances I desire.

Today and every day, I choose to carefully plan my daily activities.

Today, I am taking deliberate action towards accomplishing my goals.

Today I honor my intentions with focused action.

Today I joyfully take one new step toward my heart’s desire.

Today I take one more step forward towards my dream.

When something needs to be done, I act immediately.

When something needs to be done, I do it.

When the impulse is there, I act!

When things need doing, I get down to business. 

I attract to my reality like-minded beings who will partner to earn multi- Six, Seven and Eight Figure incomes. I know your thinking is in a much better place now than when you started. Remember to read these out loud so you can hear your voice. Also remember to read in silence before going to bed. This is a habit for success and a 20% high payoff activity.”Wishing you the very best always.”

Can You Succeed with The HCG Diet Safely?

Are you up for the HCG diet plan challenge? Are you ready to lose weight safely and for good?

Get to know useful tips and tricks before you buy HCG diet drops or injections, for your weight loss needs.

Having patience, determination and powerful reason, are the most important must-have qualities for anyone who aspires to achieve weight loss success and getting fit.

However, let’s admit, it’s not always easy to lose extra pounds, especially in the case of individuals with obesity.

According to health experts, an individual is considered “obese” if he or she has more than 30 body mass index or BMI. On the other hand, you are considered overweight if your BMI is more than 25. Aside from a sedentary lifestyle, we can attribute the increasing rate of obesity in the US to fast food, GMO foods, and unhealthy eating.

This often results to numerous chronic ailments such as diabetes, colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and stroke.

With many advancements in modern medicine and increased knowledge, we have simply got better at losing weight fast. Many considered overweight can always rely on the latest diet trends and new supplements on the market providing real hope for them is not actually new. The science behind the controversial super diet is more than 60 years old.

One of the most in-demand diet products today is called Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin aka HCG. Products usually come in two forms, HCG diet drops and HCG diet injectables.HCG diet is one of the most controversial and interesting weight loss protocols invented in the 1950s. It started as medicine for malnourished children.

Now, it is considered as an optional diet routine for those who want to shed pounds and inches. It instantly became popular over the internet, social networking sites and blogs when people started sharing their incredible success stories on something called the HCG diet. On the other side of the fence, there are also those that have doubts about the effectiveness of this diet protocol calling it a fad.

But, for millions of overweight individuals whose lives have changed for the better, they consider the advanced HCG diet a miracle diet of modern timesMany successful HCG diet users have said this weight loss technique requires you to exclusively eat healthy and requires a change in your lifestyle to be fully effective in the long run.

According to HCG diet expert Colin F. Watson; “You need the correct vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients combinations that are exclusive to the advanced HCG Diet Plan. The proteins, vegetables, fruits and other low-calorie foods are vital if to achieving succeed while on your HCG diet journey.”

You can also browse YouTube for different recipes and guide books that can effectively help you during the different phases of this diet. More so, you are also advised to get a HCG diet coach who knows the ins and outs of the plan and can consult with you either or online or in person, because they provide constant motivation against relapse.Don’t be discouraged.

As with any new advanced diet or protocol, people find it common to experience a few side effects, such as mild headache, irritability, and constipation. People usually only experience these during the early stages and is an indication that your body is adjusting to the hormone.

Should this occur, be sure to rehydrate yourself with a lot of water to avoid hunger from dehydration or cravings and don’t forget to keep hydrating afterwards.

Just a friendly reminder, before you start your HCG diet plan, it is highly suggested to undergo an initial check-up with your physician.

How to naturally increase Low Testosterone Levels

Purpose of HCG Therapy is to stimulate male testes and elevate male menopause.

The hormone HCG is prescribed for men to increase natural testosterone production during the course of therapy as a result of the stimulation. No testosterone medication is administered in this treatment.

The treatment objective is to cause the male testes to produce a higher volume of testosterone naturally by stimulating one’s tastes with a continuous higher blood level of testosterone. HCG Therapy normally increases natural testosterone production by the male testes when HCG is administered to the patient during the treatment.

HCG Therapy can result in higher levels of natural testosterone production after therapy is completed when the underlying cause of the low LH secretion and resulting low testosterone production is due to:The administration of testosterone in hormone replacement therapy without the required concurrent HCG Therapy to prevent the patient’s endocrine system (hypothalamus pituitary-testes axis) from shutting down the natural production of testosterone by the testes and causing testicular atrophy.

• Improves sex drive

• Improves sexual performance

• Improves mood & Reduces depression[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]• Increases lean muscle mass

• Increases strength and endurance as a result of exercise

• Reduces body fat due to diet and increased exercise

• Increases sperm count and, for this reason, male fertility. HCG Therapy can also result in a higher level of natural testosterone production after the advanced HCG diet therapy is completed when the cause of a man’s current low testosterone production is due to the prior use of anabolic steroids that shut down or reduced the pituitary gland’s production of LH and decreased testosterone production.