Stop Following Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet Protocol

STOP FOLLOWING DR. SIMEONS HCG DIET – Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Protocol is outdated

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Stop Following Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol

Why Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol Is Out-Dated and Causing You to Lose Muscle and In Some Cases Hair. Many who follow the old out-dated Dr. Simoens protocol are experiencing loss of lean muscle, low energy, repeated weight stalls, and in extreme cases in a woman especially, hair loss. In this podcast, I share with you why we made the necessary changes to the HCG diet to update it and bring it into the 21st century. By implementing the changes we’ve made in our advanced HCG protocol you’ll not only feel better, butdr you also achieve faster and more sustained fat loss results. DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF MY NEWEST EBOOK – Burn The Fat Reveal The Muscle – Clink HERE B

5 Common Myths about the HCG Diet

When Dr. A.T.W. Simeons first introduced the research regarding using HCG for weight loss decades ago, there was a fair amount of skepticism and myths that circulated as a result. It was not like the other diet plans of the day and promised quick and lasting results if you followed the eating plan to the letter.

HCG diet plans have evolved and changed over the last few decades and with that you have many myths and misinformation as a result. With so many competing plans and companies offering the the protocol, it’s important to clear up the misconceptions about the program and provide some common sense answers to cut through all the ‘noise’.

Here are 5 common myths about the HCG protocol (and the facts you need to know)


  • You can’t survive on a low calorie diet (under 700 calories): Most popular diets today focus on caloric restriction anywhere from 1000-1500 calories per day. While it’s true that most HCG plans today come in much lower between 500-750 calories per day, your body will actually burn between 1500-4000 calories per day from your burnable fat stores. This increases the thermogenic effect within your body to help accelerate weight loss. HCG can also naturally suppress appetite while using fat for energy. Under our plan, your approximately 700 calories are perfectly healthy and will provide ample nutrients.


Fact: You’ll survive just fine (and you’ll feel great!).


  • HCG diets are ‘anti-exercise’: Simeons original paper on the HCG diet did not require exercise BUT he did say that activities like walking and golf (yes, golf) were ok while on the plan. His approach was certainly not anti-exercise.


Modern HCG plans often include an exercise component as a way to accelerate weight loss. HIIT (high intensity interval training) and light bodyweight resistance exercise are favorably viewed as long as the individual doesn’t over-train. If you have been active before starting the HCG program, stick with it. If not, it’s perfectly ok to ease into exercise with something as simple as walking daily and building from there.

Fact: Exercise is ok and will likely help you lose a few pounds more than not exercising. There are too many great benefits from being active NOT to do it.


  • HCG is harmful to your body: HCG is based on a growth hormone found in pregnant women and is NOT dangerous. It mobilizes stored fat during pregnancy to aid in the babies’ development…so how could that be harmful? The diet industry is full of lawsuits and recalls involving truly dangerous lab-created drugs that have been compromising people’s health for decades.


Fact: The right dose at the right time while following a specific protocol is a perfectly safe and natural weight loss solution.


  • You will lose all of your muscle mass: If you follow your HCG plan to the letter, you will not lose muscle mass. The unique aspect of this protocol is that your body will draw on your fat reserves for energy, NOT your muscle tissue. High quality protein in your eating plan and nutrient variety throughout the day also insures no muscle loss during the program. Add to that bodyweight resistance training and you will likely increase your muscle mass by the time your program ends!


Fact: You should experience no muscle loss with HCG.

  • Diet is not important…the HCG does it all. Yes, the HCG (in whatever form you take it) is the cornerstone of the plan BUT you must follow your meal plan to the letter. It’s designed to give you all the nutrients your body needs for the duration of the plan and strict adherence is necessary to insure the results you are looking for.

HCG alone will not give you the weight loss result you are looking for. Any greasy, fatty junk foods you eat will actually be the target of the HCG instead of your stored fat which is necessary for weight loss.

Fact: What you eat is JUST as important as taking the HCG. One doesn’t work without the other.

With any diet plan you choose, it’s important to get all the facts. Do your research and understand that, in the age of Google, we have all been victims of misinformation at one time or another. Dispelling these common myths surrounding the HCG protocol should help you feel confident to move forward with your weight loss journey.