5 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving on the HCG Diet

For the millions of people who celebrate Thanksgiving – it’s a holiday filled with friends and family, food, and football. For those who are working their way through the HCG diet-eating plan, however, it can be a real challenge.

After all, studies have shown that the average person can gain a significant amount of weight over the Thanksgiving weekend. Both culturally and socially it can put a great amount of pressure on people to eat too much of all the wrong kinds of foods. Meals usually consist of almost all the foods that are restricted during Phase 2 – stuffing, gravy, biscuits, butter, pie, sweet potatoes…

So how do you get through the meal AND handle all the pressure from friends and family to ‘take the day off’ from your diet or ‘just have a small piece of pie’? Is it possible to survive Thanksgiving while on the HCG protocol?

5 Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving AND Keep Losing Weight


  • Have a game plan: Spend a day or two planning your own menu for the day. Don’t be afraid to bring your own prepared dishes with you. You can follow your HCG meal plan and still have a plate that mirrors what everyone else around the table is eating. Use a recipe if it helps to spice up the meal…make everyone at the table wonder what YOU are eating that looks so delicious!
  • Get your family onboard: Assuming your family and friends already know you are going through a strict eating plan to lose weight, don’t be shy about asking for their support at Thanksgiving. Share with them how excited you are about losing the weight and getting healthy. And if they do not know you are on a diet program, simply let them know you are experimenting with some new recipes for the holiday and don’t let food be the focus of your time together.
  • Be creative: If attending a party with friends or family, consider eating before you arrive to take any pressure off. Shift the focus away from food and drink and suggest a card game or other social activity to liven things up.
  • Get moving: Start your day with a brisk walk or light HIIT session before heading off for the holiday festivities. Exercise, even on Thanksgiving, can immediately reduce stress and lighten your mood. An advanced HCG program will always call for some form of exercise…don’t use the holiday as an excuse to take the day off!
  • Stay focused: Practice mindful eating…know your triggers for temptation and keep in mind why you started this journey to begin with. Something as simple as sitting down to eat instead walking around can help you eat less. Eat slowly and deliberately…take time to enjoy your meal and precious time with family and friends.

Final thoughts on Thanksgiving Day


Let’s be honest…the holidays can be stressful. Travel, family drama, and increased pressure from loved ones to participate in traditional meals, especially on Thanksgiving, can take a toll on the best of us. Don’t let your hard work and focus on the HCG program keep you from being an active part of the holiday and missing out on friends and family at Thanksgiving.

Who knows…your weight loss may inspire your crazy Uncle to take an extra helping of green beans instead of another spoonful of stuffing!

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