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HCG is an abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotropin. Although this hormone can be found in the human body, pregnant women produce it in very large quantities. The reason this hormone is produced is to enable the body to store fat while a woman is pregnant. The calories required by the baby developing are released whenever necessary. HCG is considered to be an amazing fat burner, which makes it a great way to lose weight. The best part is it is produced naturally by the human body. The majority of substances the human body produces have extremely well balanced functions and are very complex. This is especially true for HCG because it helps make certain both the baby and the mother have the calories they need to remain healthy. One of the most basic functions is regulating the metabolism. This is the secret to the HCG program and how you experience fast fat loss.

The HCG diet originated in 1954 by Dr. Simeons. All of the required information was published. This was the very beginning of using HCG to lose weight. The original program has been updated as time has passed, and there is now a long list of healthy recipes and foods available. Originally, the diet required the individual to follow an extremely rigid and strict regime with only 500 calories allowed per day. This made the diet much harder to follow than was actually necessary. The newer approach allows for a calorie adjustment based on the BMI of each individual.

Once the intake of calories was increased, the average person lost between one-half and one pound each day. The difference is the side effects were eliminated. The reason the new version is effective is because the focus is placed on what is given to the body as opposed to the limitations. One of the best benefits of the new HCG program is it provides an opportunity for building healthy eating habits. Healthy recipes teach you how to eat healthy and delicious foods to lose weight. These new habits can help you maintain your weight for the rest of your life. In addition to a healthy diet, it is critical you use an effective form of HCG. The two basic options are pharmaceutical HCG and homeopathic HCG. Learning the difference between the two is extremely important when you are following the program and desiring fast fat loss.

Homeopathic HCG does not contain the HCG hormone essential for success. Unfortunately, this has led to a lot of unsatisfied individuals. This form of the product was once purchased over-the counter at numerous different types of locations. The bottom line is the product was ineffective. It is important to note that homeopathic HCG was banned by the FDA in the health industry because it did not work. Pharmaceutical HCG is completely different than the homeopathic form. This product is completely legal and 100 percent authentic. You cannot purchase the pharmaceutical form over-the-counter. You will need a prescription from a physician or a medical professional. Injections of pharmaceutical HCG were used by Dr. Simeon for his research.

It is extremely important you are receiving the correct dosage of HCG for fast fat loss. Using a program offered by a medical professional will ensure you receive your desired results while helping to eliminate any undesirable outcomes. While you are using HCG, you need to consume a diet with high fat levels and calories for the first two days. Although this sounds strange to many individuals, the benefits will become obvious later. During what is known as the Loading Phase, you do not have to worry about calories or carbohydrates because you are able to eat whatever you choose. It is important to record your weight every day. You need to take extra care with your body during the first phase of the program.

You must take the correct dosage every morning for your specific needs. There are several different options available. This includes injections or drops. There is proof the most effective form of HCG is the injections. The drops and pellets do work, just not nearly as well. In most instances, the injection is given once per day in the morning.

The Best Foods for Weight and Fast Fat Loss

Consuming the correct amount of the right food groups every day is critical for your success. The different types of foods for weight fast fat loss are defined below.

Proteins: Proteins include white fish, beef that is 99 percent fat-free, crab, lobster, chicken, and shrimp. Any skin is not consumed. The alternatives include one egg with cottage cheese or three egg whites. The protein must be fat free. Additional proteins include tuna packed in water, ground chicken, 200 grams of egg beaters, ground bison, low-fat canned salmon, ahi tuna, 97 percent fat free ham, 200 grams of fat free Greek yogurt and 99 percent fat free ground turkey.

Fruits: The recommended amounts are one apple or orange, one-half grapefruit or one medium sized handful of strawberries, one-half of a peach or pear, one-half cup of blackberries or blueberries, two medium apricots, one small plum or one cup of frozen or raw unsweetened cranberries.

Vegetables: This includes cabbage, onions, radishes, spinach, beet greens, fennel, chard, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, asparagus, chard, cauliflower, green beans, kale, shiitake or button mushrooms, yellow squash, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini and sprouts.

Carbohydrates: This includes one Grissini Stick and one Melba Toast not containing any oil. It is important to look at the ingredients for Melba Toast because most of the brands do contain oil. The alternatives for fiber or carbohydrates include one-quarter of a smart bun that is gluten free, two pieces of stoned wheat thins, and one wasa cracker.

It is important to write down your weight each day during the morning to enable you to track your progress. When you see your weight each morning, the loss of pounds will provide you with the motivation you will need to adhere to the rules of your diet. Do not weigh yourself more than once each day or at any other time than the morning because your results can be inconsistent. The correct dosage of HCG is especially important because it will enable you to stick to your diet without consistent hunger while experiencing fast fat loss. If the dosage is incorrect, you will break your diet due to the temptation of food. The HCG program is what enables you to follow the diet, avoid hunger, and successfully lose weight.

This program offers a lot of benefits created to help you lose weight and experience fast fat loss. This includes:

• Increasing your metabolism and elevating your levels of testosterone
• Enjoying energy induced naturally
• Achieving a slimmer and stronger body
• A redistribution of your fat
• A decreasing in cravings

This program to lose weight will provide you with all of these benefits. Using prescription injections to achieve weight loss is an ideal opportunity to start living a healthier lifestyle. This is also an excellent option for losing the weight, seeing an immediate improvement, maintaining your weight and fast fat loss while having the body you desire.

Advanced HCG Protocol

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