Covid-19 and Black America – We Need to Wake The “F” Up

COVID-19 is more likely to kill black Americans, and for those that survive, the pandemic will take a devastating toll on their jobs and future earning potential, a new McKinsey & Co. report finds.

Black Americans are about 30% more likely than white Americans to have health conditions that exacerbate the effects of the virus, such as hypertension and diabetes, the report published Tuesday says. Black workers are also overrepresented in high-contact essential services, making up 33% of nursing assistants and 39% of hospital orderlies. “Black workers are putting their lives and health on the line,” the report reads. 

The black community will also probably take a disproportionate hit from the economic fallout of the pandemic. A nationwide lockdown has put more jobs held by black people at risk, the report finds. They are almost twice as likely to live in the counties and work in positions at the highest risk of immediate and long-standing economic disruption. An estimated 39% of jobs held by black workers are at risk, compared with 34% for white workers.

This disease is revealing an underlying weakness in the black community and its poor health, bad eating habits, chronic—illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and ovesity. We’ve got to wake up and start taking better care of our health.

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