I Stumbled Upon Your Website From Your Youtube Channel

I stumbled upon your website from your Youtube channel. I have some questions for you after watching your videos. You viewpoint is a lot different than most people on how and what to do while taking shots.

Q: This is where I am currently:

My sister in law is a nurse who got me a supply of the HCG injections… She’s given me the break down of the standard method of how to do it.. 23 day supply

I am being told that I am not supposed to exercise period. after the injections, I am told to go on a 3-week maintenance phase of 1500-2000 calories. No working out. I have been working out for 8 months prior to this.. It is hard for me to grasp why I cannot exercise?

So this was my plan.I Stumbled Upon Your Website From Your Youtube Channel

Do the 23 days.. take the injections.. and once I get into the maintenance phase I was going back to lifting for thirty minutes a day. I am being told not to do this.

So I wanted to ask you your opinion.

Here is the kicker. When they sent the injections… they evidently were out of the vials that contained just enough for the 23 day supply so they actually sent me enough for the 40 day supply by mistake..

I really do not want to waste the extra injections… but if it means I have to go another 3 weeks with out lifting then I am not willing to do it. I have read almost everything about the diet online that I can find. I understand the hormone is produced by women and when they are pregnant the hormone will burn women fat into food for the baby if for some reason she is starving herself.

So if thats the case… and I am eating 500 to 600 calories and lets say I do exercise and burn 500 calories.. why would that mess up the injections.. Isn’t the point of the hormone to tell the brain you are starving.. if I am at a break even on calories… eating 500 and burning 500. wouldn’t it just make sense for the hormone to attack straight fat even more?

I am just trying to figure what is the best thing to do?

Should I just do A. do 23 day worth of injections… get into my maintenance phase and just go back to lifting 30 mins a day?
or B. Go ahead and do 40 days worth of injections that I have… after the 23 just keep staying on 500to 600 calorie eating plan keep taking rest of the shots and go back to cardio and lifting?

What my sister in law doesn’t understand is… I do not care about what the weight on scale is.. I care about total body fat lost. if scale stays the same while I’m lifting but my body fat is dropping and I know this by how my clothes fit and measurements.. THE SCALE DOESNT MATTER TO ME.

its all just very confusing… cause they act like if you aren’t losing lbs every 4 days.. its not working.
Please help


A: Hello Lane,

Thank you for your email. Just so you know, I have coached thousands of people to succeed with our advanced HCG protocol.

The problem with most doctors or and HCG clinics who are sharing outdated beliefs about HCG diet and exercise is because many of them have never successfully completed the protocol or. they are too afraid to buck the system.

I have personally experimented with this protocol more than anyone on the planet. I love the protocol and believe it could be the cure for obesity in America and worldwide if the government would give it the praise and credit it deserves.

I have written three books, countless, podcast, blog posts, and vlogs, that I know of and have determined emphatically that diet and exercise work even with the HCG diet protocol. In my book we mage important adjustments to the macro nutrients to ensure sustained muscle protection and increased fat burning.

In my book we made important adjustments to the macro nutrients to ensure sustained muscle protection and increased fat burning.

We also have two comprehensively explained phase 3 plans that walk you through the stabilization process. One for athletic people and one for nonathletes.

Discontinuing your exercise regiment will do more harm than good. Your muscles will begin to atrophy, slowing down your metabolism and reducing your fat burning potential.

Since I do not know how much body fat you need to release, I am pretty confident that 23 days is not going to be enough time on protocol unless you only have 10 to 12 pounds to release. I do all 40 days straight. Pick up a copy of my book, read it, and follow it to the letter.

Link to Book:

Resume your workout schedule asap and implement the protein portions and healthy fat we prescribe in our Advanced HCG protocol. You’ll look and feel better, have much more energy and be much happier for doing so.

I hope I have provided you will some of the guidance you were looking for.
P.S. a great APP to help design you HCG Diet exercise is JetFit APP check out out @

Best regards,

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