Phase 4 Life Recipe Book creators Joe and Heather Juliani

On this segment of HCG Body Talk I have my special guest and good friends Heather and Joe Juliani about Phase 4 of the HCG Diet.

Heather and Joe on my request put together an awesome new phase for recipe book for those you following our HCG Body for life protocol or who just don’t know how or what to eat after P3.

Phase 4 Life- Life’s A Journey Not A Diet

Is really for anyone’s phase 4 of life. Simply meaning what to  eat when all the dieting is over and want to keep what you’ve  achieved… The body of my life.

We’ll be discussing why the biook, what’s in it, how to use it, and how to be the first to get it…

Phase 4 Life- Life’s A Journey Not A Diet…

Join us on this call

See you there,

Colin, Jayne, Joe and Heather

P.S. I’ll also be discussing our upcoming NEW HCG 90 day challenge.. 1 Million Pound March-90 Day Transformation Challenge!

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