hCG Body Talk – HCG Underground Coaching Call #2

This is an exclusive call for HCG Underground Revolution members only!

On this call we will be going over the modules and discussing what challenges you may be experiencing during phase 2 or phase 3.

We will also be discussing how best to participate in the coaching program to increase your success and how to laser in on your final weight loss goals.

The second part of the call will be an open forum to discuss anything and everything HCG.

See you on the member only call.



HCG Underground Coaching Call #3

This is a private call for HCG Underground members only… If you are not a current member please do not join this call. We’ll be discussing breaking through previous weight set point stalls, fluctuation in weight and how you attitude will determine your outcome!

Also, we’ll have an extensive Q and A session for members.

See you  here!